After my very first session with Joyce, I was hooked! The combination of portion control, healthier eating, and Pilates has changed my life… FOREVER! I have lost 85 pounds (UPDATED NOW 95 lbs and still counting!!!) and 7 dress sizes. I am developing the long, lean muscles I’ve always wanted. Pilates has helped reshape and transform my body. I am stronger, more confident and very rarely have any back pain now. I leave Lowcountry Power Pilates after each session feeling so full of life and energy! I am so thankful that I found Joyce and admire her expertise in her field. She is very knowledgeable, and I know I am in good hands with her.
Leah Beckham

In 2008, I suffered from a severe hernia repair injury. Shortly after I met Joyce, who introduced me to the Pilates method. After training with her for only six months, I lost 53 pounds and developed long, lean muscles. Pilates works, and I challenge men as well as women to incorporate it as a part of your physical therapy program.
David Fender

I started taking Pilates classes twice a week about 3 months ago.  In that little amount of time I feel that I am in the best shape of my life.  I have always exercised regularly and have tried many different workouts.  Pilates is by far my favorite.  I have discovered muscles that I never even knew I had!  I feel so much stronger, especially in my core area.  Joyce is a wonderful instructor.  She makes the classes fun so you really want to push yourself and do your best.  I would definitely recommend power Pilates to anyone.
Daniella Allen, Mount Pleasant

I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt compelled to after my experience with Joyce at Low Country Pilates.  I was training for a marathon last November when I injured my IT band, and the pain made it impossible for me to run.  I tried everything to try and help it heal.  I rested, iced, heated it, did strength-training exercises, and took anti-inflammatory medications.  However my leg never got better, it just got worse. After months of constant frustration I decided to try one more approach. I went to see Joyce at Low Country Pilates and started to train one-on-one with her.  Within weeks I noticed a clear difference in my leg.  The pain started to go away, and for the first time in five months I was able to run without any pain.  I would highly recommend her Pilates class to anyone who wants to train effectively, heal an injury, or even prevent future injuries.  In doing so I was also able to strengthen my core and create a leaner (versus bulky) look for myself.  I am thrilled with my personal results, and I will continue to see Joyce for many years.
Rachel Kozy, Mt. Pleasant, SC

In 2000 I suffered an injury, which left me with advanced degeneration of the spine.  With rehabilitation I managed to survive the first 5 years of ups and downs.  In May of 2005 I woke up paralyzed from the waist down with pain I had never experienced before.  Obviously my plight had worsened.  Weeks later, I was back on my feet, but was still in pain and I couldn’t sit.  Exercises I had to design myself and drugs helped me through the summer, but I still had pain mirrored with not being able to sit in most chairs, nor on the floor for stretching. One doctor wanted to do surgery while another sent me to a rehab center in Mt Pleasant.  After only a few sessions the director of the center sent me to Joyce Olender and her Lowcountry Power Pilates.  He explained how Joyce herself had back problems that led her to this form of exercise, and he thought it was just what I needed.  To my amazement, after only three private sessions with Joyce I was doing things I hadn’t been able to do in over 5 years, and it’s great having someone who can relate to my pain.  Now I can go days without even the slightest hint of a problem, and it’s getting better every day.  I’m even able to sit on a bike again! Joyce is enthusiastic, patient, and can find ways of getting the most out of you while still making it fun and enjoyable.  As a retired dancer I would recommend her to not just the injured, but to anyone who wants to get into shape and feel great.
Patsy Moss, Charleston, SC

Invigorated, in alignment and bursting with energy – I’ve just been to one of my twice-weekly private Power Pilates lessons. I’ve never felt this good after an hour of fitness training, ever. I had a bad stroke ten years ago so the "in alignment’ has particular relevance for me. My whole right side is gaining strength and muscle; it’s just wonderful. Joyce makes the Power Pilates compete with her high safety standards; precise instructions of movement and her own "Joseph Pilates way" of making exercises fit your situation. So I’m telling everybody to try Power Pilates and especially those with some form of physical need because with time it will change your life.
Zoe Holmes, Mt. Pleasant SC


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