New Pilates H.I.I.T. & B!AST Classes in Mt. Pleasant

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As workouts and trends evolve, we take the latest and greatest and incorporate them into our Pilates studio! I’m more than pleased to announce two new class formats that are sure to challenge your mind, body & soul!

Pilates H.I.I.T. Classes

We all know how popular High Intensity Interval Training workouts are because of how much impact you can make in a short amount of time. This major calorie-torcher class will strengthen your core and body while helping you to maximize your 30-minute timeframe to work out. We’ll get your heart rate up with movements on our Pilates apparatus – very similar to what you would see in a traditional Pilates class, but we’ve taken the speed up a notch in new power segment formats.

We will do 3 segments at 10 minutes each, including 3 rounds of 3 movements 1-minute each. Here’s an example of one section:

1 min jump board
1 min arm work
1 min tricep dips
(3 rounds with 1 minute break after = 10 minutes):

We’ll then complete 2 more segments to total 30 minutes. We have specific times that I offer this new H.I.I.T. class, but if you would like to set up a private or semi-private session, we can do that, too, and customize the movements for your body.

Pilates B!ast Classes

This is our version of a body length and strength training format, and I KNOW it will change your body! Take the impact out of your workout with our Pilates Reformer. This class mimics a high-intensity workout with weight training, cardio and traditional Pilates movements. But, we’ve amped things with extra props and platforms for this class!

Designed to popular, high-energy music, we’ll keep your heart rate up to burn major calories. I’m integrating resistance and counter-resistance exercises that are sure to strengthen your body, define muscles, jumpstart your metabolism, burn fat and increase flexibility. Now, that’s a lot of GREAT wins in a short amount of time!

Example movements include plie squats, standing lunges and planks:


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A clear understanding of Pilates Apparatus movements is needed before attempting these fast-paced classes. Depending on my clientele that class, I will adjust the material to your fitness level. Talk to me about any concerns you might have before scheduling your class time.

Let’s make an impact together! Contact me to schedule your class or take a look at my existing program schedule.

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