Pilates Reformer Jumpboard Challenge

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It’s time for a cardio blast series using the Pilates Reformer Jump Board! Torch some calories just in time for the Holidays. Each week in November I’ll show an exercise or group of exercises using the jumpboard. Join me by completing the exercises anytime that week! I’d love to see it! Use hashtag #JumpforThanks and tag me @joyceolender on Instagram.

Total Body Workout using the Pilates Jumpboard

By using a Jumpboard on the Pilates Reformer, we’re revving up our metabolism, getting our heart rate up, challenging our core and strengthening our muscles with coordinating arm, leg and core movements. This workout series is designed to challenge strength & stamina.

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Setup Cues: Make sure your toes are at the top of the jumpboard, press the carriage out far enough that the heels are down to begin. Engage your abs & jump. Landing toes, ball & then heel of the foot with each jump.

Repetition: Set of 10 (per side when applicable)

Week 1: Jump & Jack | Narrow Jumps

Week 2: Jump & Attitude Legs

Week 3: Jump Theraband Arm Series: Punch | Fly | Tricep Extension | Shoulder Press

Week 4: Jump & Theraband Leg Series: Knees | Straight Legs

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