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Pilates Apparatus Sessions & Classes

Includes Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Cadillac classes and lessons. Rates and packages vary with each service. All sessions are offered at the Owner’s Boutique Studio located inside the Park West Subdivision in Mt Pleasant SC. Get directions to her studio.

Convenient, Flexible Scheduling

Because we offer personalized Pilates Apparatus sessions, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule! Please contact Joyce at 843.901.9476 to set up a session time that works for you and reserve a spot in her private studio. In order to provide as much scheduling flexibility to clients as possible, no refunds are issued unless medically indicated with documentation.


Private Sessions

A one hour, one instructor, Pilates workout using Pilates apparatus – i.e. Reformer class – as well as incorporating Pilates mat work and exercises. An excellent way to become acquainted with the Pilates system. The one on one attention allows the instructor to properly assess your body and develop a program that targets your individual needs. No previous experience necessary.

Rates: $55 drop-in | $500 for 10 sessions ($50/session)


Semi-Private Sessions

A one hour, one instructor, up to three clients Pilates workout using Pilates apparatus as well as incorporating matwork. Upon creating an understanding of the Pilates program, the semi-private classes offer an opportunity for the client to work at their individual level yet share an instructor’s guidance. Prerequisite: 3 Private sessions.

Rates: $30 drop-in | $250 for 10 sessions ($25/session)


Tower Class

A great combination class incorporating tower work and Pilates mat lessons. (The tower is apparatus that offers resistance while still supporting the body). Prior mat experience is necessary. Limited to 3 per class. Reservations required.

Rates: $30 drop-in | $250 for 10 sessions ($25/session)

Blast Class

B!ast Class

BODY LENGTH AND STRENGTH TRAINING. This program will change your body. b.l.a.s.t. is a low-impact, high-intensity group reformer workout that melds together cardio, weight training, and traditional pilates. Our amped up reformers are enhanced with extra platforms and props for this class. high-energy music and smooth transitions between exercises keep the heart rate elevated and your body burning mega calories! by integrating resistance and counter-resistance, these exercises will strengthen the body, define muscle, jumpstart the metabolism, burn fat, and increase flexibility.

Special Times: Mondays 6 pm; Thursdays 9 am; alternating Saturdays 8 am (with HIIT)
Call to reserve your spot! 843.901.9476
Rates: $30 drop-in | $250 for 10 sessions ($25/session)

Pilates Stretch

If you’re sore, tight or experience pain from your job or daily activities, this is the right class for you. Join us as we use Pilates Apparatus to move and stretch in several positions to help relieve stress, prevent injuries and improve health.

Rates for 60 min: $55 drop-in | $500 for 10 sessions ($50/session)

Pilates HIIT

Pilates H.I.I.T.

The hottest trend in fitness – High-Intensity Interval Training has become a popular way to burn more fat, improve endurance, and build strength. We’ll incorporate Pilates movements into a format sure to maximize your workout timeframe.

Special Times: Tuesdays 9 am; alternating Saturdays 8 am (with Blast)
Call to reserve your spot! 843.901.9476


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